Should I put a coin over Umbilical Hernia of my Child?

Naeem Liaqat
2 min readNov 29, 2020

This is a question which every mother asks whose infant has umbilical hernia.

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Umbilical hernia is also called Belly Button Hernia. This hernia is quite commonly seen among newborns and infants. This hernia causes a lot of trouble to the mothers as it prutrudes out and belly button swells immediately after as soon as the child cries. It also becomes a cumbersome situation for new mothers and they rush to the doctor for advice.

Usually for this condition, doctors advise nothing to do and wiat as most of the tie, it settles by itself. Bt as a home remedy, almost all women in neighbours and family will advise to put a coin over it and it is thought that it leads to ealing of the defect.

Frankly spesaking as a Pediatric Surgeon, practicing for more than 10 years, I havent seen any ebenfit of coin tying over the belly button. however, I do have seen neonates and infacnts havign some complciations. Like one neonate I saw in my clinic had skin damage (necrosis) becuse his mother ties the coin very tightly over his belly button and then left it for few days. Therefore, as this home remedy and commonly advised startegy in our homes may be harmful (at times), so I dont advise to go for it. Rather, wait for few months and it will mostly settle down by itself.